Days Out

Lacock Village

As my first post I was really unsure where to start, so I thought I’d start with somewhere where I felt at home, Wiltshire. Since my Grandparents moved there when I was 8 years old, I feel as much at home there as I do in London, which seems odd as they are two rather different places.


I love visiting my Grandad in Wiltshire, which happens about once a month. On one of those trips we decided to go to Lacock Village. I hadn’t been there since I studied photography at college and went to see the Fox-Talbot Museum, a great place for anyone who is interested in the history of photography.

Tithe Barn

This time we explored more of the village, first visiting the Tithe Barn. Getting any photos inside was somewhat tricky due to the dim light, but the structure inside was well worth the challenge.

Next we went to the Cornerstone Cafe for a spot of lunch which was very nice. After that we traveled around the rest of the village visiting the small shops many of which were nestled in what seemed to originally be houses. They were filled with delightful homemade crafts such as; pottery, knitwear, sweets, soaps, chocolates, furniture, artwork, plants and much more.

Unfortunately I had arrived unprepared for a cold day, so I was delighted to find a beautiful blue knitted bobble hat that kept me perfectly warm. We also purchased a plaster cast mirror which was moulded to look like an ancient stone window. It was by chance we stumbled past the woodworker’s emporium, filled with wonderfully made solid wood furniture, and I am so glad we did as we are now ordering our new kitchen from them.

Finally we visited Lacock Abbey, a truly beautiful building which made the perfect setting for some notable scenes in the first two Harry Potter films. Sadly as it was late in the day we missed the chance to see the Abbey Rooms, but what we did see of the abbey was as stunning as the rest of the village around it. Walking through Lacock and its abbey really makes you feeling you’ve stepped back in time.



Have you visited Lacock before? If so what did you think? Are there any other places you  would recommend visiting?

Take care,

Izzy xx

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