Battling through baking disasters…

Hi everyone

I thought I’d write about something different, rather than post photos of a day out I had, this one is going to be a bit of a ramble.

During the last 3 weeks the kitchen disasters have been coming at me thick and fast, of course they all have to happen on market baking days (Wednesdays).

I’ve had cakes erupting like volcanoes, an entire tray of brownies falling on the floor, constantly running out if vital ingredients and a cake breaking into a dozen pieces when I was removing it from the tin.

Unfortunately all of this combined with 100 other things I could be doing with my Wednesdays means I’ve already bailed on the market twice, so after more drama in the kitchen today I’m struggling to pick myself up and keep going to bake enough for the market tomorrow.

People often say “You must love baking… It must be so much fun” but at times like these I can’t even stand to look at a cake.

It’s not just the wasted ingredients and money that annoys me, it’s the time and energy I’ve put into making these bakes which was all for nothing.

Yes I know I should be baking instead of sitting around, feeling sorry for myself and writing, looks like it’s going to be a late night baking session for me.

To any of my fellow bakers/ cooks… have you had any food fiascos (I do love a good bit of alliteration)? How do you keep up the motivation to carry on when it’s all gone wrong?

Take Care,

Izzy xx

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