Days Out

Bluebell Forest

Spring is such a beautiful season as it brings back so much colour into the world after the cold winter. It’s wonderful to see all these flowers blooming out everywhere, from the delicate white snowdrops, to the brilliantly yellow daffodils, and one of my favourites, the bluebells.


Up close a single bluebell plant isn’t the most spectacular flower, especially towards the end of their short season as they can look shrivelled and lifeless. But to see an entire woods carpeted with the purple flowers is truly breathtaking.  Determined to photograph the bluebells this year I searched online for my nearest bluebell woods. I came across a very helpful search tool on the National Trust website that lead me to Winkworth Arboretum.


Hidden in the Surrey countryside, Winkworth has over 1000 different species of shrubs and trees. It was so peaceful walking around and the bluebells were beautiful. It seemed like the perfect place to take a dog for a walk, of which I saw a few that day. As I entered I was handed a very helpful map with clear walking routes marked out, including how difficult they are, perfect for those with mobility issues. One route took you down the side of a steep hill towards a lake and a beautiful boat house, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to see.


It was a very enjoyable morning at Winkworth Arboretum, and as I have recently joined the National Trust on a young person membership (only £35 per year!) I’m hoping to visit many more beautiful places like this.

Have you got any suggestions? Do you visit many National Trust places?

Take Care,

Izzy xx

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